Jason McKenna

LICENSE: FA100071995

(719) 339-3383


My Commitment To You

Alongside my REALTOR® partner Velicity McKenna, I am committed to helping you achieve your Colorado Real Estate goals. Velicity and I believe in the bond between the REALTOR® and client, and we take it seriously. We will guide you through the complex process of either selling or buying a property FROM START TO FINISH. Unlike most other real estate groups in Colorado Springs, our clients are not handed off from person-to-person throughout a transaction in an effort to maximize our income. Not only can this be a disconcerting experience from a client perspective, but it also vastly increases the odds for errors, delays, and expensive legal oversights as these agents prematurely disassociate from their transactions in the pursuit of higher volume. They'll tell you it's efficient, but trust us—we work with them every day—and it's often the source of much frustration. This "assembly-line" approach is contrary to both our business model and personal ethics. We elect to handle our business ourselves to guarantee only the highest standards of service even if it means we must take on fewer clients. Because of this philosophy, we can promise to provide you with the friendly, responsive, one-on-one experience that you deserve.

My Services

I want you to know that a REALTOR® is not a salesperson. Our job is to help you achieve your real estate goals by:

  • representing and protecting your best interests (we adhere to all industry-defined fiduciary duties)
  • negotiating on your behalf
  • providing you with experienced guidance and insight
  • thoroughly explaining every phase of the process as you encounter it
  • assisting you in the formation of realistic expectations (minimize surprises)
  • actively working to ensure other professionals remain aware and engaged

Buying or selling real estate involves a myriad of professions and numerous, time-sensitive, legal deadlines. We will remain diligently engaged in all aspects of your transaction in a concerted effort to minimize delays, avoid common pitfalls, and ensure the best possible outcome.

My Background

I spent 15 years as an independent training development consultant supporting the needs of several high-profile, Fortune-500, pharmaceutical/biotech sales force teams. My reputation for excellence grew from an unmatched level of responsiveness to client requests, an adherence to challenging deadlines, a high level of trustworthiness and honesty, and a desire to go the extra mile to consistently surpass expectations. In January 2017, I teamed up with my experienced, award-winning, REALTOR® wife Velicity McKenna, transferring my talents into a career field that preserves lifestyle flexibility while offering a greater level of client connection and personal satisfaction. It is my natural desire to be extremely considerate and personable while making others feel comfortable and at ease. I believe you will find me to be professional, patient, responsive, and highly articulate as Velicity and I guide you through your real estate transaction.

Our clients post reviews on Velicity's ZILLOW® account - established long before my joining her in Jan, 2017. I've included a link below so you can browse these reviews.