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Bundle & Save

If you are in the market for a new home, likely you are in the market for a new mortgage...

Bundle and Save

The biggest factor of buying a home is the financing,….. bundling home and loan leaves little room for uncertainty and power in negotiating on the Real Estate side.  Being in control of the process lets our SMART TEAM work proficiently, closing the gap of miscommunications, and get you to the closing table with no surprises

We outshine the rest and want to help you in searching for your dream home, to selling your existing home, to finding the right mortgage. They really all go hand in hand and bundling services ensure stress free transactions

When we do both, we have more avenues to extend savings, and profits to share.  The #1 reason to Bundle Home and Loan.….REDUCE FEES, which in the end means more leverage in getting deals done. 

How Much Will You Save?

Use the calculator below to see how much you can save by bundling your home and loan.

Select Your Home's Purchase Price:

Purchase Price: $400,000

Your Savings: $4,000

What Can Your Savings Be Used For?

  • Closing Costs
  • 1% over on Appraised value (compete to win)
  • Buy interest Rates down.

We take great pride in extending the dream of home ownership to more people will REAL money savings…no buried fees in interest rate….TRUE SAVINGS!  We offer the small touches to make your transaction stress free and let you focus on the packing, and everything else that comes along with moving.

Enjoy these top benefits when you Bundle Smart with your HOME AND LOAN, we are confident others in the industry cannot match our savings.

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