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Real Estate Tips

Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal Before Your Home Sale

During the home selling process, it's normal to quickly become consumed with important details such as finding a compatible real estate agent, calculating an accurate price point, and determining how long the house can stay listed before the PCS packout date. 

Without question, military home sellers have to address all of these scenarios to make the most of the sale, but there is one detail that often gets pushed to the back burner: the powerful effect that strong curb appeal has on the overall marketing plan.

Ignoring curb appeal is a common mistake home sellers commit early in the selling process, especially during the budgeting phase when owners have to consider how much money to invest in improving their chances of selling for the asking price or more. Unfortunately, short-changing the curb appeal budget usually predicts a delayed sale, and after precious time is wasted, it's challenging to start the improvement process over.

If you’re ready to add necessary curb appeal improvements, start with this guide to give direction on where to start.