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Real Estate Tips

By Coordinating with a Professional Team of Real Estate expert writers and having opportunity to be a Contributing Author of several books dealing with multiple and varying Real Estate scenarios faced by everyday people, I am able to provide in-depth knowledge in understandable terms for both Buyers and Sellers on numerous topics such as:  

1. Basic Home Selling Techniques EVERY Seller Should Know   

 2. How to Sell Your Home for More Money

3. The Secrets of Wealthy Home Sellers


4. First Time Home Buyer Guide Book

5. Your "For Sale By Owner" Guide

6. Formula to Sell ANY Home- Even Hard to Sell Homes whose listings expired.  

7. The Home Buyer's Guide- Everything You Need to Know About Buying A Home

I will provide any of these books FREE of CHARGE , along with supporting collateral materials upon request by emailing me: or call/text ( 970) 213-8888. Just provide a mailing address and I will mail it free of charge for you to read at your convenience in the privacy of your home.