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HGTV Featured Realtor 

I have resided in the States of Maine, Florida, and Colorado. Currently in Colorado for over 50 of those years. I turned 53 years old this last September.  So I consider myself pretty much a native.

Raised by a Retired Military Staff Sergeant, (whom was a member of the 1st Underwater Demolition Team  in the United States Navy.. now known as the Navy Seals) discipline was a part of my daily life growing up. 

Dad was great, a bit strict, and I miss him dearly! Mom is still with us, and resides in Denver at the moment doing very well.


As a natural early riser, (4:00 am or earlier, no alarm needed) I roll out, grab a cup of java, (possibly 2 cups) and begin my day in Real Estate. I am extremely focused on the individual needs and wants of the homeowners and home buyers that I am working with consistently providing superlative returns on your home investment.  

    • HGTV Show (Home and Garden Television-My 1st Sale - 6 months of filming.)  
  • 2014 Trulia Top Agent Award - More buyers view my listings. Because I change pictures frequently and take up to 400 shots, instead of 25!
  • I am a professional photographer, with an International Photography Award, currently shooting with a Nikon D810. A picture speaks a thousand words? No, a picture makes a greater financial return on your investment, for you if your a seller. My team will be taking 100's of pictures.
  • Winner of 5 Better Business Bureau Gold Star Awards for Excellence in Customer Service
  • Successfully in Real Estate and related Industries for over 24 years.
  • Computer Science Degree (although that was a long time ago!)
  • I’ve appeared in several National and International Television Commercials and have Radio Broadcasting Experience, which came from previously being an Art Director of a Modeling Agency.  I have worked with some of the best photographers in the world.
  • My Interest in Homes and Homeowners led to the founding of which helps distressed home owners with 1st hand information in the process of keeping their homes or other options available. This site keeps all values higher in your neighborhood by giving info needed that most folks in trouble would not ask for, too keep homes from going into foreclosure.
  • I am in the Top 1% of Realtors in the State of Colorado, with a highest list/sold dollar ratio.
  • Homes that I represent sell for on average, 3-5% higher than 98% of Realtors in the state, and are on average, sold 42 days sooner.


Very recently, LED signs have been added to my marketing, as well as 3D Video.   Dedication, service, and CUSTOMIZED advertising for your homeis my speciality.  Each home is different and I highlight this fact with proven creative techniques, which are exclusive with my service and cannot be provided by or duplicated by any other agent in this state. 


**Your home Virtual Tour can be as large as possible, not limited as in most marketing, by the way, let’s forget the elevator music as well….unless of course you like it!

Enough about me!  This is all about you and your needs. I provide integrity and honesty, simply a natural part of my character.

I’m committed to make this move the smoothest you’ve have ever experienced. Let's meet soon.

Your friend in Real Estate,


Lynne Wright                                

HGTV Featured Realtor

Featured in Colorado Expressions Magazine

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