Patrick Ingrassia

LICENSE: FA100035968

(303) 888-0404


Patrick Ingrassia was raised along the front range of Colorado and remained in Colorado until graduating from Colorado State University in 1995. Upon leaving Colorado, Patrick resided in numerous places including New York City NY, Atlanta GA, Los Angeles CA, Clearwater FL and Scottsdale AZ.

As wonderful as those places are, his desire always was getting back to Colorado when starting his family. Having worked in a "heavy travel" career as a National Sales Manager/Regional Vice President for some of the World’s largest Financial Services companies, Patrick and his family relocated back to Colorado in June of 2007.

Prior to becoming a Real Estate Agent, Patrick was involved in real estate as a private buyer and as an investor. His knowledge and expertise in marketing, research, and negotiations have allowed him to successfully transition into residential real estate.

Patrick's wife Kelly, a Colorado Springs native, recently became a licensed real estate agent and together they formed Team Ingrassia.  At home, the team consists of four wonderful young boys named Blake, Kai, Kade and Lyrik.

Team Ingrassia places an emphasis on service, support and education. “Helping clients take their next step selling or buying a home by providing the tools necessary to make the best informed decision based on all of their available options. Once a decision is made, then providing unsurpassed service and support throughout the entire transaction.”

Serving residential needs throughout the Front Range of Colorado. Seasoned in seller/buyer market analysis and negotiations. Team Ingrassia is an experienced Full Service Team with the highest of customer satisfaction and an abundance of past customers references available upon request.  We work with first time buyers, folks that are thinking about stepping up to buy a bigger home or those looking to take a step back and downsize. We educate about advantages/disadvantages of loan modifications, short sales and foreclosures and all of the options that exists with each. We make each stage of the home buying/selling process as simple and understandable as possible.  Helping to make buying and selling a home an enjoyable and low stress process.


Dedicated to EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, SERVICE and SOLUTIONS!  We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence.  We love Colorado and we love what we do.......and we would love to help you!

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