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Selling the house? Who ya gonna call? from Tony Pfau on Vimeo.


Who ya gonna call? This little video will explain some of the basic things a seller needs to think about when getting their property ready to sell and choosing a qualified, experienced traditional professional to represent them.

Sellers today have many choices when selling their home. Some of the tech only, non-traditional brokerages, self described disruptive brokerages, are showing up these days, offer pie in the sky savings, but do they really provide value? Some of them tout amazing stats and even claim that offering below the common incentive to buyer’s agents will sell your home,. Yet, at the same time, they post in their MLS for buyer’s agents to put balance of the commission due, in the contract, nothing but a bait and switch. Should you trust them? Are they telling you the whole story about how the system really works? Often a deal just isn’t a deal.

So questions to ask yourself, are you comfortable with a merry go round of people that will be assisting you, kinda like a drive thru? Or do you want someone with skin in the game on your side and in it for the long game?

Do you sell enough property to know there is a difference? Can you really get the same service for anything at half the cost? Who works for half the the rate? Aren’t they good enough to charge normal fees. How long will they be around?

Why would the non-traditional broker need a “pricing expert” to determine market price for your home? Will they go the extra mile when it's needed? How will you know?

Another fact, If these non-traditional discount brokerages are disrupting the market, plowing a new way, why can't they seem to break over 1% of the market?

Do you pay out 1/3 of your paycheck to your customers, just so you can work for them? If not, why should your broker, why do the disrupters?

Selling real estate isn't just listing on the MLS. There's far more to it that can affect sellers. Here's an article that details one person's experiences, in both cases, I guarantee that my people have a better experience.