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Denver Marketplace

he Denver Metro area has grown in population and home development significantly over the past 4 years.  Until the number of homes increases to match the population (supply & demand), the prices will continue to increase. Rentals fall into the mix also.

Keep in mind that using a Realtor (that's me) to buy a home is important especially during this time. We find the properties because we see hourly snapshots, and position you to get your offer accepted and take care of logistics that occur during the process.  
Plan on offering over asking price, although that doesn't always mean paying over appraisal. Additionally, those that go further and offer over appraisal are usually accepted for the home far more quickly and still right-side-up within a few weeks to months.

Since most buyers are using a Realtor to look for a home, it's more competitive to sell your home within the Agent network rather than for sale by owner.  Not to mention the legal requirements of disclosure and contracts.  Getting the best market price for your home is important.

Contact me for more information on the Denver Marketplace and how you can best position your next move.