Cassandra Owen

LICENSE: FA.100049438

(480) 773-4185
(303) 858-8100 (Office)

Buying New Construction

Ensure you have a Realtor (that's me) with you on your visits to New Build Homes for 3 simple reasons:

1) A Realtor knows the new build communities, pricing, and the caveats

Do you want a green home? Solar?  Appliances included?  How's the wind in this community?  I need to be closer to the school, where's the closer communities. We can help answer all these questions and save you time and money by keeping search parameters reasonable.

2) There is no cost to you, even if you purchase... FREE!

I'd be happy to use my vehicle to show you around!  And don't fall for the 'we'll give you $5,000 off since you don't have an agent"; they give that $5,000 off to everyone that walks in the door. Regardless, remember to ask for other discounts, military, senior, etc.

3) The sales person at the new build office represents the BUILDER, have someone looking out for your side

I review the contract and the deadlines making sure everyone's on schedule and on point. Enjoy the time building your very own home by knowing someone is watching over the logistics.