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I would love to sell my home - but then what?!

Posted On: February 26th, 2018 4:56PM

Selling a home in Denver right now is a piece of cake - and very financially beneficial!  But then what?  Buying a home in Denver is not as easy!  


I have the knowledge and experience to accomplish this challenging task for you.  It isn’t easy - that’s exactly why you need a Realtor who understands the process - and it is a process! - one who is focused on representing you and your best interests, and won’t be swayed by the crazy competition in Denver right now. 


There is so much to consider, from preparing your home to list and getting  pictures taken, navigating open houses and showings, negotiating offers and selecting the best one, then organizing the timing of your closings and your actual move - packing boxes, finding a moving company, exchanging keys, where is my mailbox?! - - - Having the knowledge, experience, professionalism and service of a Realtor like me to handle all these details for you is PRICELESS!  


It would be my honor to help you successfully sell and buy a home in Denver in today’s market - contact me today and let’s make a plan together!

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