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Know How to Buy Your Newly Built Home

Posted On: March 11th, 2018 3:55AM


We buy new homes for a variety of reasons, all of them good.  We want up to date floor plans and finishes. We like the comfort and efficiency of energy conserving improvements.  Mostly, we love the idea of being able to make selections to make the home OURS. 


As a buyer of new construction myself,  I love my new home, but as an agent and an owner, I have encountered several issues that have caused many buyers problems. 


  • “The Sales Person would not get back with me for nearly a week  when I called with a question.”
  •  “If I knew the costs of gallery options when selecting build out options, I would have selected differently.  I now have to pay to refinish  parts of the home to get what I really wanted.”
  • “I got the home I wanted, but it broke my planned budget  and had to sell within a year.”
  • “I registered and used a real estate agent to represent me when I went into the sales office, but rarely heard from him, and he didn't even attend the closing. “


 I love serving buyers of New Homes / New Construction and helping them avoid these problems.  

To find out more, take to read my New Home Buyers Guide. 

Let me show you how I provide real service to these buyers.   

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