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I have been a licensed Real Estate Broker Associate in the State of Colorado since 1992 and a licensed Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX for 25 of those years. I have received numerous awards along the way and been instrumental in working with some of the very best clients, now lifelong friends, over the years. I have been a proud member of the Denver Board of Realtors for 26 years trained in Ethics and hours upon hours of continuing education taught by the best and most knowledgeable of real estate educators and lawyers.


Real Estate has been on a fast and furious pace most of my career in the Denver Metro area and even as 2018 closed out, we see little if any signs of a significant downturn. Somewhat of a seasonal slowdown Fall, Winter 2018, but still homes selling without incident other than over agressive pricing for that time of year perhaps. We will be checking for upward tick and demand from mid-January moving into Spring as has been trend in rushed buying earlier in the year as in past years and 2019 followed same. High home prices forcing some to move to less expensive areas. 2020 in spite of Covid-19 reaching new highs and sales have been brisk in resale and new home construction markets


Market update August 2020 -


October 5, 2020 Article about Denver being one of the most competitive housing markets in America


November 13, 2020 Most recent statistics through DMAR


March 2021 - Denver Real Estate market exploding with multiple offers, appraisal gap language and throwing in everything but the kitchen sink to come in as the BEST offer imaginable to beat out all the other buyers. It is a very difficult time, but with interest rates trending upward if only a little and with more properties coming on the market, things may open up a bit more buyers.


January 5, 2022 The Denver Post


Most recent report January 5, 2022 link:




2022 Here we come again! Forecasts indicating as wild a market in the Denver Metro area as it was in 2022. I will keep you posted and as usual, please feel free to get in touch anytime for reports, inside chatter, mortgage news, monthly inventory reports and market news in general. Look forward to working with you soon! Experience does make the difference, the best difference in helping you buy or sell one of your most vaulable assets.


I'd be honored to a part of your real estate transaction(s) along with your mortgage broker, Inspection Company, Title Company and others who also play very significant roles!


Thank you!