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Littleton City Council Votes to Bring Aspen Grove Redevelopment to Littleton Election Nov '22

Posted On: February 2nd, 2022 4:00PM

Jackass Hill Journal - Breaking News- Littleton City Council unanimously voted last night 2/1/22, to bring Aspen Grove Redevelopment issue to a vote.  Last fall, the issue went to council and narrowly passed with a 4-3 vote.  The redevelopment would have taken some of it's current 268,00 retail square footage (140k in current usage), kept 125,000 retail sqft and transitioned it to 2,000 new residential units. Some buildings within the development were planned to be a mountain blocking 85ft, not in the character of the city. Neighbors attended the fall meetings in strong numbers and were concerned for the overly dense nature of the project on a small 33 acre lot.  They also shared concern over traffic issues at an already bad Santa Fe & Mineral intersection, worries about caring for wild life at the Carson Nature Center, which backs up to the property, loss of retail sales tax revenue and noise.


After council passed the initiative, neighbors banded together to get enough needed signatures on a referendum petition, approved by the city in early January, which gave council two options -- to either rescind plans or to allow a vote.  Council has three new members as of 2022 who were not part of the 2021 negotiations. New council members, including new Mayor, Kyle Schlachter and Mayor Pro Tem, Gretchen Rydin discussed how their absence from that discussion made it a conflict for them to get involved in rescinding it now and thus they felt it made the most sense to go to a public vote. The election is now planned for November 8, 2022.  More info to follow. Want to chat about it?  Questions -- Call Megan at 303.946.6007!

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