Geoff Burghardt

LICENSE: FA100050967
(720) 837-8044


I was born and raised in Denver and have loved this city and this state my entire life!

There is so much to be proud of by living here. 

Not only do we have access to some of the most exciting mountains and outdoor opportunities in the nation, we also have a thriving metro area with tons of history and opportunity and growth and change. I have embraced some change more than others, but in my mind we can never have too many good people doing grea things, and the more fun to be had, the more fun will be had!

I have been a professional teacher, tutor, instrument builder (luthier), musicain (occasional paid gigs count, right?)  along with being a Realtor. Real estate is the core passion that ties all that together for me. 

I love the jittery thrill of helping peopl buying a house for the first time. The deep nostalgia of selling a home people have lived in for a long time. The relief of selling a home that you need to move on from and the joy of compounding interest in appreciation. The value of a home is so much more than just what you pay and sell for.

Homeownership means opportunity and I love connecting people with opportunity as much as I love the city where I get to do that.