Leah Grotjohn

LICENSE: FA100080123

(303) 993-9062


Meet Leah Grotjohn, Denver Metro REALTOR®, Real Estate Negotiations Expert, and CO Public Notary.

Leah has a true gift for helping Colorado home buyers and sellers make informed and transparent real estate decisions. She offers a team of unrivaled mortgage lenders, inspectors, insurance agents, and home specialists for all of her clients' needs. Her skill sets have provided a keen insight on consumer habits as well as the state of the marketplace, which has translated well into the real estate sector, where she is able to advise clients on regional and national trends.

Always a loyal and fierce advocate of her clients’ best interests, Leah has an extraordinary ability to negotiate and come up with creative solutions in order to execute any deal. Known for her unwavering integrity and candor, Leah will not advocate any deal unless she is confident it is the right move at the right time. She is always looking two steps ahead and considering the long-term financial payoff for her clients.

Leah has experience representing a wide range of clientele from first time buyers and sellers to those looking to make upgrades or downsizing, executives and other influential individuals. Resulting from her range in clientele, she has developed the ability to fulfill many different roles during the transaction process. From salesperson, to buyer’s advocate, analyst, advisor, consultant, Real Estate Negotiations Expert, and marketing specialist; she will adapt to provide her clients the support and skills they need. Above all, she always has a meticulous, detail-oriented, and problems solving mindset.

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