Michelle Ziesch

LICENSE: FA100048901

(303) 552-1388


About Me

With 25 years of considerable experience in sales, negotiations, and marketing, 10 of those years in property management and 5 years in real estate.   I can navigate through the multifaceted situations of real estate transactions successfully. My experience and love for remodeling and design brings together enthusiasm and knowledge that consistently matches people with properties resulting in satisfied customers and outstanding results. Understanding my client's needs and then identifying those properties that best match my client's lifestyle is what drives me as a real estate broker.

Having owned, renovated, and operated a 48-unit multifamily apartment building and also earning the prestigious Rising New Star in Real Estate Award in 2016,  “My highest priority is my client. I am fully committed to my clients attaining exactly what they envision by providing them with comprehensive and useful information that helps facilitate their decision. I take pride in building a relationship with my clients, getting to know their tastes, style, and needs. I believe in listening carefully, responding promptly and working within my client's pace. Effective communication is a key in my business." 

I believe in developing trusting relationships by listening and understanding each client’s unique circumstances.  I enjoy the search for solutions to her client’s obstacles by turning those challenges into opportunities.  The dedication that I bring to my real estate clients, leaves them assured that I will stay on top of all of the details and provide them with a smooth and easy going transaction. So, whether it's relocating, transitioning or an investment opportunity, I am dedicated to providing my clients with the utmost professional and pleasant experience.  

During my time spent away from real estate, I enjoy hiking, biking, boating, enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery and camping all with my family and dogs.

I have lived in Colorado for over 15 years and is a resident of Lakewood but sells homes throughout the entire metro area.



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