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Best practices during the COVID-19 situation

Posted On: March 23rd, 2020 8:48PM

What are the best things we can do during the government required SOCIAL DISTANCING requirements when it comes to Real Estate. 


1.  Notify your agent if you have been around a lot of people, flown in the last 30-45 days or if you think there is a slightest possibility of being exposed.  This is important not only for your safety, but ours and those of the sellers of property we are selling.  Let's figure out some alternatives if we have to. 


2.  If you have it, make sure you have non-expired hand sanitizer with you when previewing properties.


3.  Touch as little as possible.  Most agents should have hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes on hand for before and after leaving a house.  


4.  There are virtual tours available on many homes on or  


5.  Obviously if you aren't feeling great - lets not go out.  


We all want to get through this transitional time as healthy as possible.  Fortunately, for now, the Real Estate Market is still very active and as long as we can, let's do our part to be safe and thoughtful for anyone and everyone.  

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2020 Spring Inventory

Posted On: February 24th, 2020 9:50PM

Looks like another buying frenzy season! 


TOP 5 WAYS TO BE best to be prepared for the Buyer:


1.  The REALITY - There are more buyers than listings.  So while there will be lots of competition on those really great listings, it is always important to breath and make good financial decisions. 

2.  Having your LENDER in the loop when you are headed out to look at properties and having them available to advocate on your behalf for your qualifications is a must!

3.  BE AVAILABLE - Early bird gets the worm!  Some sellers don't want 50 people walking through their home while they are still living in it.  Believe it or not, it is very stressful!  So if you are in early and it is the right fit, get that offer in quickly.  You can have the leg up.

4.  HAVE YOUR EARNEST MONEY AVAILABLE.  Make sure you have that Earnest Money in the bank and ready to write that check.  Often times that is deciding factor if a Seller can see you are serious and already committed to that down payment.  If you are in a positition to, maybe pony up a little more to show good faith.  

5.  KEEP EVERYONE IN THE LOOP.  Be prepared to get an inspection in right away - in the first week of going under contract.  That also sets you apart from your competition.  So make sure if you have a prefered inspector - keep them in the loop as to when you know you will be submitting an offer.





1.  DECLUTTER.  Start the process of packing up all non-essentials.  Decluttering is the #1 thing you will want to do before meeting up with your Agent

2.  SCHEDULE A WALK THROUGH WITH YOUR AGENT.  Talk to your agent or interview your agent and build a timeline of things to get done, setting up photography and allowing showings and stick to it!

3.  PAINTING bold rooms nuetral is always a plus - the more you can remove your personality from a home to appeal to a broader spectrum of buyers, the better chance of getting strong offers.  (Buyers want to see them living in the house with their stuff!)

4.  PROFESSIONAL CLEANING.  If you can, clean up the front yard, curb appeal is still important.  It is the difference between buyers driving by the house or walking in.  Consider having a professional cleaning people come through before photos.  If you aren't a miticulously clean person, I always recommend this.  If you have lived in the home a long time, there are things homeowners don't always see as dirty or dusty.  A swift once over can really make a big difference.  

5.  TRUST YOUR AGENT.  Good agents are going to be able to guide you with when to put the house on the market - day of the week, time of year!  Statistics don't lie and your agent has a lot of tools in their tool box to help you make good decisions!

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