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Best practices during the COVID-19 situation

Posted On: March 23rd, 2020 8:48PM

What are the best things we can do during the government required SOCIAL DISTANCING requirements when it comes to Real Estate. 


1.  Notify your agent if you have been around a lot of people, flown in the last 30-45 days or if you think there is a slightest possibility of being exposed.  This is important not only for your safety, but ours and those of the sellers of property we are selling.  Let's figure out some alternatives if we have to. 


2.  If you have it, make sure you have non-expired hand sanitizer with you when previewing properties.


3.  Touch as little as possible.  Most agents should have hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes on hand for before and after leaving a house.  


4.  There are virtual tours available on many homes on or  


5.  Obviously if you aren't feeling great - lets not go out.  


We all want to get through this transitional time as healthy as possible.  Fortunately, for now, the Real Estate Market is still very active and as long as we can, let's do our part to be safe and thoughtful for anyone and everyone.  

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