Laura Knowlton

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Hello and thank you for stopping by! 

 I live and breathe Colorado.....


I was born and raised in Oklahoma City. Growing up I lived through the tragedy of the Murrah Building bombing in 1995 in the heart of downtown OKC. This event sparked a desire in my soul to follow in the footsteps of the first responders I was watching during the rescue and cleanup. I attended college for a time before deciding to earn my EMT certification in 2006 and work for one of the busiest ambulance companies in the U.S. which happened to be in my home city of OKC. It was there that I met my Paramedic partner and love of my life, whom I married in 2010. Tyler and I were married in the mountains of Colorado, a place where I had grown up spending summer vacations and held a special place in my heart. We decided shortly after that the mountains were the one place that felt like home to both of us. We transferred our jobs within the company to the Colorado Springs location and made the big move. One year later, we bought our dream home in the mountains. 


These days we are quite involved in the community and love it! I am working as a Real Estate Broker and continue to work part-time as an EMT and volunteer firefighter. My husband also continues to work as a Paramedic and volunteer firefighter. First responders are very important to me and I will spend the rest of my life "giving back" to the community as much as I can! If you or a family member are a first responder, please mention this to me!


My background gives me a unique perspective in the Colorado real estate market. I have first-hand experience in the process of finding a rental home as well as buying a dream home! This gives me great insight into what my clients are feeling and needing from a broker. My positive attitude and helpful nature allow me to give you the customer-service you expect from a Real Estate professional, with a welcome added touch of Southern hospitality. 


Let me help you find your dream home!


~Laura Knowlton