Kelly Dietrich

LICENSE: SL3515516

(321) 290-5073
(407) 476-0461 (Office)


Chef Kelly Dietrich has over 40 years experience in the hospitality industry as a restauranteur, catering service and culinary educator for kids.  Hosted his own T.V. cooking show and talk radio program.  Outside of his work experience Chef Kelly has personally invested in over 30 income and residential properties in Florida.

Born in Miami Florida. Growing up in a small town in Vermont then onto graduating at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park N.Y.  Living in South America learning the culture, cuisine and wines.

Chef Kelly's diverse experience gives him the ability for great customer service with the above and beyond passion to help his clients.  why not let Chef Kelly stamp your Real Estate Passport to stress free transactions either as a seller or buyer.  A good real estate agent doesn't disappear after the closing papers are signed.   Chef Kelly is here to help lead you the way home.  Total commitment as a fiduciary to his clients.