Denise LaRocco

LICENSE: 475.132855

(847) 910-8978


Carol & Chuck

We feel a little like Charlotte in Charlotte's Web, but without the web. Since we can't spin webs, we have to do the more mundane thing & write on paper words like "exceptional", "fantastic", "splendid", "in a class of her own". Denise, let us address those who may be lucky enough to come to know you as we have. We have lived long enough to have owned and sold seven homes & that counts as significant experience. By the time we decided to sell our home and move to retirement, we had become selective (some might say "picky") about the kind of person we were willing to work with. We interviewed several realtors and selected Denise. Let us tell you why. Denise is a woman of deep personal ethics, values and commitment. These qualities translate into confidence and wisdom. We could not have "dreamed up" a better person to work with. We quickly learned that we could trust what she told us even when we might have thought otherwise. At times, when we did not see the business implications of some of our ideas, she carefully & vividly explained the possible outcomes of our ideas. She talked to us like our long-time friends talk to us. Her honesty, humor, and compassion brought a sense of peace & comfort to the harrowing experience of selling a home we loved & downsizing to a smaller home. Selling or buying a house is often, in retrospect, little more than a business transaction with a few traumatic moments. But Denise's unflustered demeanor and personal investment in our wished and plans gained us a friend with great business mind. She was an extraordinary guide & support. We are certain that anyone who chooses to work with her will also have a positive, memorable experience. If you want to talk directly with us, Denise can give you our phone number, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Pat & Jim

We want to relate how pleased we were with all aspects of how you handled the sale of our home in Winston Park. Your market analysis was by far the most complete of the four realtors we interviewed. Your recommendations for cosmetic changes prior to listing made the home much more marketable. You recommended that we "right price" the home, instead of listing at a higher number & negotiating downward to our target. This worked extremely well as we listed on a Tuesday, you had the brokers' walk-through on a Thursday, by Saturday evening, we had 3 offers and accepted one at slightly above our listing price. After we were under contract you responded promptly to questions and requests, and the sale process went smoothly through the closing last Friday. We were extremely satisfied with your efforts!! Please feel free to use us as a reference, anytime!!!

Rachel & Brodie

Thank you so much for working with us, it has been a pleasure & so enjoyable. Thanks for keeping laughter in our search & for working hard to get our dream house. We are excited & ready to start our family in a beautiful home & neighborhood. I am so very thankful that God put you in our lives to work with you - praying with us & for us, meant so much to us - we were reminded to TRUST & LET GO! THANK YOU!

Roseann & Craig

Thanks for your great expertise in handling the sale of our house. I find it totally refreshing to work with an agent who works to obtain what the client wants, not what is best for the agency! Your help as liaison with our attorney was most appreciated. You were more on the ball than they were & provided information much quicker! We will be sure to recommend you to any of our friends and family who need a professional and terrific realtor. Your upbeat personality kept us from falling apart during the ups & downs with the demands, expectations & outcomes we experienced.


Truly, you are one of the very few people I can count on. I don't remember you ever saying you were too busy to help me! Take care!

Guy & Angie B

We are very pleased with the professional manner you displayed with the listing and sale of our home in the Shires. It was a great job, well done!!! Our best wishes to you!

Jim & Laura L

You certainly went above & beyond for us! There is no way we can thank you for all you've done. We greatly appreciate everything!

Annie F

I really wanted to let you know just how happy I am in my new home! Thanks so much for helping me to find a place where I can really call home! And thanks so much for making the whole process something I can look back on and say I really had fun doing it! P.S. Not that I plan on going anywhere, but please keep me posted if you happen to move onto another company.

Lynn & Mike V

As my persona agent, you have always gone above & beyond what your job is. Never making me feel like I'm taking advantage of you. And I have! You have helped us make some good decisions. You are a special friend!

Rocco M.

I wanted to drop you a note to express my congratulations and thanks for a very successful and prompt sale of our home at the Shires. Over the years, I have bought & sold homes around the country & as we all know, the process can be very traumatic & of course, disruptive to everyone involved. From start to finish, I can sincerely say the Shires transaction was almost enjoyable. You were a delight to work with and a pleasure to deal with as we worked our way through the process. I was impressed with your realistic approach in pricing and marketing the property and especially your creativity, innovation & your instincts in listing and showing the home. I am sure you must have taken great price in the standard you have set in not only obtaining a record price for the property but also the speed in which it was sold. Again, Denise thanks for helping to smooth out the road for us in the relocation to Dallas. Who know, I may send you a ticket to help me in Dallas one Day!!! Best of luck to you!

Pam Z.

Thank you for all you did during the selling of my home. I'm so glad I chose the VERY BEST Agent. Your positive attitude, your warm smile and professional know how made the whole process much easier. As you know, I have had some rough times as a first time seller. You knew exactly what to do & it all turned out the way it should have! Thanks again and again! I feel blessed to have had you in my life. You're a great person & you did an awesome job!