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5 'Must Dos' Before You Sell Your Home

Posted On: February 17th, 2017 1:19AM


Before you walk, you must crawl. And before you list your home, you must prepare.

Here are five items I recommend my sellers do before listing:

  1. Clean: Make sure clutter is put away and your house in clean before taking pictures or showing your home. You want your property looking its best, and having a clean and organized home to show is one of the easiest ways  to impress a buyer.
  2. Know your competition: It doesn’t hurt to go to your neighbor’s open house (or browse photos on the web) to see what you’re going up against. Seeing what else buyers have to choose from might change what repairs you make or maybe even your listing price.
  3. Get an inspection: A homeowner is required to disclose what they know is wrong with a property. Sometimes, you forget a small repair because you’ve lived with it for so long. Other times, you didn’t realize an item needed repairing. This helps you disclose known issues with your home and can also prepare you for repairs a buyer may ask for.
  4. Locate paperwork: Owning a home comes with so much paper! Before listing, locate any manuals, warranties (especially for big items, like foundation and roof replacement) and your survey (if you have one). You don’t want to be tearing your house apart at the last minute looking for paperwork!
  5. Talk to a REALTOR®: A REALTOR® understands your market area and has knowledge and experience to sell your home. Look for someone who has recently helped someone buy or sell a home nearby. That way, you know they are familiar with your area.

I happen to know a great REALTOR® that has experience in the northwest Chicago suburbs…me! I’d be happy to do a listing presentation that shows you comps (comparable homes that have sold recently), who your active competition would be, and even recommend repairs that will make your home stand out.

Call me today to have an easy chat about YOUR needs.

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