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Moving State to State? Relocation Tips

Posted On: October 23rd, 2018 1:36AM

Moving State to State? Relocation Tips

Relocating to another state? This can be an extremely stressful time so make sure to plan every detail in advance for a smoother transition.

1.Know where you are going

Find out as much as you can before relocating by taking a trip and getting to know the area and what it offers. If moving with children, check out the schools and which areas are most suitable to live in.

2.Your best advisor is your REALTOR ®

Before planning the move see a local real estate agent for advice on whether it’s best to buy or rent and which areas are most suitable to your needs. I serve the Chicagoland area!

3.Moving your belongings

Ensure that the moving companies approached are licensed with the Department of Transportation and check on-line for reviews. Get quotations from at least three after giving exact details of the items to be moved. Remember, moving insurance is vital.

4.Pack early

 Planning on packing your personal belongings yourself? Make sure that you start well in advance. Begin with items least used and clearly mark all boxes. Your most essential items should be packed on the day of the move.

5.Important documents 

Collect all school and medical records. Place these and all other important documents together in a safe place.  On the day of the move, make sure you have them with you at all times. 

6.Notify your postman and utility companies 

Let all utility companies know when you are leaving your old place and when you will be arriving at your new home. Give your new address to your bank and insurance companies and remember to leave a forwarding address with the postal service. 

7.Transportation papers and receipts

Do not lose the papers that the movers hand over to you. Upon arrival, check that all your belongings are off-loaded. The receipts from your move will be used for any reimbursement due to you from your company or as a tax deduction.

8.Avoid nasty surprises

Make sure that your driver’s license is valid in the state that you are moving to, otherwise organize to have it reissued. Remember to claim any relocation benefits that your company has promised.

Whether you are moving to our exciting Chicagoland, or away… I offer years of proven experience and can help make your home sale or purchase a smooth transition. Let’s talk soon if you have questions!

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