Paul Leanes

LICENSE: 471.003538

(847) 401-3656


I have been ib the real estate business since 1972, as a salesman, and a broker since 1973, now known as a broker manager license.  I have been through the days when the mortgage rates were as high as 16-17%, and the birth of the adjustable rates starting then, the " glory days ", when the homes were going up in value 10-12% every year, and then the inevitable crash in 2006 and beyond until recently, now the market is coming back.


I graduated from Northeastern University in Illinois in 1969 with a bachelors degree in education, and was a Chicago Public school teacher for many years.  I also taught the real estate brokers course at Oakton Community college for a semester, and organized the course.  I have sold real estate in Chicago and the northwest suburbs

from 1972 until the present, and beyond.  The days before the computers took over were, to say the least, very challenging.  Everything had to be mailed or hand delivered, including listing sheets.  Times HAVE changed.


What makes me different, besides my good looks and personality@@@.  I sometimes use a talking house, where people can drive up to the home, turn their radio to a specific station that I choose, This works great, people call me for more info. and make an appointment.  I follow up with all showings with my listings and report to my clients immediately, through a call, email, or both.  Communication is very important in this business, and follow up.  Upon a sale, my job is not done.  Arranging for an inspection, attorney, mortgage on the buyers side, closing dates and, in condo sales, all condo docs required to be in buyers hands for inspection by them.  I go to ALL closings for my sellers and buyers, even if the seller has presigned papers and does not have to come to the closing.  After the closing, I always try to keep in touch to see how they are doing and hopefully, become longtime friends as well as clients.


If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, please feel free to email me at or give me a call at 847-401-3656