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Remodeling Considerations Before You Sell Your Home

Posted On: October 23rd, 2018 1:28AM

So, you are thinking of selling your home and are curious if home improvements can increase your bottom dollar at the closing table? When considering what projects to undertake (or if you should make improvement at all), the idea is to get a return on any investment and not sell your home at a loss. Keep in mind, the location of your home will be one of the major deciding factors on whether to undertake any remodeling. Homes in certain areas benefit from a facelift, but others may not.

Here are some more key points.

Maintain home and garden as you go

One of the golden rules of home ownership is to maintain your home on an annual basis to avoid larger damage and expensive repairs in the long run. Your landscaping should also be kept tidy during all seasons to ensure that trees and shrubs are always neatly trimmed, lawns are green and mowed and flower bed have a colorful display. This is the first feature of your home prospective buyers see, and first impressions count. 

Kitchen Improvements

A full kitchen replacement can cost more money than you can recoup so aim for a few minor renewals. This could be the upgrading of appliances, replacement of flooring or get a fresh new look by updating the cabinet doors.

Renewed Bathroom

A dated bathroom for most buyers is a significant turn-off. Don’t lose hope though! A bathroom can be upgraded with a few minor changes which can even be undertaken without expert help. A fresh coat of paint and a new light fitting might be all you need. By installing a new basin and toilet you will instantly give the bathroom a facelift as will the changing of the cabinet doors and knobs.


Old carpets can be replaced with a more neutral color and if there is a good wooden floor underneath you could always just skip the carpet and have the wood polished. Wherever possible just do repairs to existing broken tiles or wooden floors.

Doors and Windows

By replacing old looking windows and doors you could make a big difference to your selling price. New windows seal better, offering efficient insulation. Steel front doors also are considered safer, making them an attractive feature to point out to future buyers. A battered and old garage door might also be worth replacing because it will immediately improve how your home looks.

Exterior Walls

After the landscaping, this is the most visible part of your home to potential buyers. If your siding or painted exterior walls are looking dirty or unkempt you might just need to power wash them. If this is not enough then it is best to get a professional to fill in any trim or cracks and to repaint it for you. 

These tips should give you good food for thought. I am experienced, know how to evaluate your remodeling options before you sell, and welcome a face-to-face meeting. Think of me as your Chicago-area REALTOR® with comprehensive know-how and expertise. 

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