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Homesnap is great for buyers and sellers!

Posted On: January 28th, 2019 6:01PM

Most likely you have heard of, and may even use, REALTOR.com, Zillow, or another home search mobile app to find information about homes for sale in your area. These commonly-known tools certainly have their purpose when you are searching for your next potential home, or monitoring home sales.


There’s a ‘new app in town’! It is similar, but different in many exciting ways to other home search apps. It’s called HomeSnap, and unlike Zillow and REALTOR.com, you can ‘snap’ a picture of a home you are in front of with your phone and receive real-time data about it. 


Homesnap is great for buyers and sellers!


As a buyer:

•Get square footage, sales price if listed, and more

•Find out what’s active, pending and sold in the neighborhood

•Take a pic of a home NOT on the market and ask me for more info


As a seller:

•Monitor the market BEFORE you sell

•Get a feel for what neighboring homes are actively listed for 

•See what’s selling and consider the overall marketability of your home in 



You and I can connect so easily via the app. It offers chat, messaging, and sharing of property info in (well), a ‘snap’! If you find a home that’s not on the market but you are curious about it, simply take a pic and send it to me via the app. 


Once we are connected, I provide weekly reports for certain areas that interest you. These emailed reports include all active, pending and sold homes in an easy to digest format, all right on your phone!


It’s a breeze to get the app for you iPhone or android. Visit my HomeSnap Profile and simply download the app to get started.

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