Jon Sesterhenn

LICENSE: 475.126535

(847) 454-2811


Business Philosophy

      Jon Sesterhenn is not your typical Real Estate Broker who interacts with the seller(s) only at the time of the listing interview, after which they are unceremoniously handed off to an assistant for the duration of the sale. On the contrary, Jon is your advocate for the entire length of the sales transaction, up to and very often past closing, whatever it takes to complete the sale! Jon’s goal is to personally make each transaction as smooth as possible by first listening to the client’s needs and then educating them as to what to expect throughout the entire buying/selling process.


      When selling a home, Jon’s 1st priority is to remove the seller’s emotional attachment to the home and will make personal recommendations as to how to achieve that goal. “From a seller’s perspective, you want to focus on making this strictly a business transaction. By the same token, you want to make necessary changes to the house so that it appeals to the buyer’s emotional side which would help it to sell quickly and for the best possible price.”


     Jon Sesterhenn grew up in Mt Prospect and knows the suburbs thoroughly. With Jon’s electrical background and his knowledge of the building practices from the early 50’s and onward, he can help buyers make an informed choice before making a purchase! “I became a Realtor because I thought it would be a nice way to utilize my building knowledge and do what I enjoy most: helping people.”


Personal Background

     Jon Sesterhenn worked in the electronic and IT industry for 28 years before changing gears over 11 years ago to become a successful Real Estate Broker. Jon has also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity on numerous occasions, sometimes building homes from the ground up and on other instances repairing/rehabbing existing homes. Jon also was a project manager for 3 years which is crucial experience in any Real Estate sale. “You have to have the ability to take charge and personally manage the transaction all the way to the closing table in order to be successful in any Real Estate sale”.



    "I worked with Jon on buying a house. It took nearly a year to find one. I felt that I may have been overly picky on buying a house and that I was taxing Jon's time but Jon was perfectly happy to help me find something. He said, "We will keep on looking until you are happy with the house you are buying." We found one and I am perfectly happy with the house I bought. Thank you Jon."  Patrick M.


    “Mr. Sesterhenn is a wonderful sales associate. I have utilized his services on two occasions, and I highly recommend him. I put that "my expectations were met" because from knowing him I expected the best, and that is what I received.”  Terry B.


    “My mother’s house was built in 1952 and as a result, it had some work to be done to get it ready for market. Throughout the process, Jon made me feel like I was his most important client. His advice from the very first day we met was spot on perfect. For example, he recommended taking up the carpeting as the house had real red oak wood flooring and having it refinished. Painting, getting the electrical system updated added probably $20,000 to the value of the house. His expertise of electrical systems was of great help getting the house ready for sale. His knowledge of Village Codes and what things must be fixed before sale were instrumental in getting the price we asked for on the listing sheet. He was willing to tell me the truth about every detail while giving me the pro’s and con’s of every decision I had to make.

Have you ever had a salesman who promises to call or promises to do things to make the sale and then does them very slowly or not at all? Jon answered all calls, texts and emails in a very timely fashion. I had answers to questions the same day in most instances. Everything that Jon said he would do, he accomplished without having to be reminded. I always felt like we were one step ahead of everybody in the process of selling the house. I always knew what to expect next. We even communicated while we both were on vacation. I thought it was very professional of him to always be the coordinator between myself, my lawyer, the buyer, the buyer’s agent and the Mortgage Company. I never had to inquire about anything as Jon took care of everything.

In closing, I would recommend Jon Sesterhenn to help anyone to sell their home. I would also recommend that you listen to his advice if you want to be successful in selling your home!!!”  Paul B.


    Jon did a fantastic job throughout the entire transaction and we are very satisfied.  As first time home-buyers, Jon made the experience very easy for us, as he was very knowledgeable and made sure we understood each step of the process.  Jon also listened to and made suggestions based on our needs/desires in a home and accommodated them every step of the way.  Thanks Jon!   Tom S.