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Early Spring Landscaping Tips for Chicagoland

Posted On: March 17th, 2018 6:52PM


The first signs of spring bring with them a great deal of activity from the birds and insects in our garden. Those first blossoms and slight shoots of green on our lawns make most of us also go into a frenzied start of preparing our gardens for the new growing season. This is not always a good idea and if we start too early our hard work can be ruined by a turn in the weather. 

What do we need to know?

  1. In the Midwest spring does not start in March, but in early April and the danger of frost only disappears by mid-May.
  2. Crops that can cope with cooler weather can go in earlier. These include cabbage, broccoli and flowers such as pansies and snapdragons. Trees and shrubs can be planted earlier too. All else must wait for warmer weather and if in doubt consult the experts at your nursery.
  3. Do not start planting if the soil is too wet and muddy as it will harden as it dries and smother the roots of any new plants. It mustn’t be too dry either. Aim for moist and crumbly.
  4. Certain pests are very difficult to control once they appear so be prepared and spray from before. Remember that certain plants act as deterrents to some pests so try and incorporate them into your garden.
  5. Remember to include plants that will attract good insects and pollinators such as bees and birds to your garden.
  6. Cut back trees and shrubs to enhance growth and divide perennials.
  7. Collect leaves and cuttings and make your own compost.
  8. Prepare damaged lawn areas so as to begin seeding.
  9. If establishing a garden from scratch take some time to plan focal points, create interesting landscapes and focal points. Make sure that you know which areas get more or less sunlight so as to avoid expensive mistakes.

10.Clean paths and paving, repair and paint fences and sheds .

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