Thomas Quigley

LICENSE: 471018389

(224) 627-5519


Dan Babarik

The Law Offices of Dan E. Babarik, Ltd
I have known Tom for a number of years. We were first acquainted with one another by attending the same church. Then some years later, I became acquainted with Tom professionally when I began working with him in representing mutual clients who were either selling or purchasing residential real estate in Lake County, Illinois. I have worked with Tom on numerous transaction over the last six or seven years. I find that he is attentive to detail, professionally knowledgeable and adept at managing the numerous aspects of residential real estate from either a sellers’ or buyers’ perspective. In my thirty plus years of representing clients in residential and commercial real estate transactions and working with scores of realtors, I would rate Tom as highly competent. I am confident that he would be successful as a regional managing broker with the Equity-USA family of nation-wide offices.

Theresa Panzica

Law Office of Theresa L. Panzica LLC
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Thomas Quigley to your real estate office. I have had the pleasure to know, work with, and become friends with Mr. Quigley over the past several years. He has demonstrated a high level of reliability and work ethic. From his work experience alone, it is easily garnered that he is a dedicated professional who will be an outstanding asset to your company. He has distinguished himself academically, professionally, and socially throughout his life. As his resume would indicate, he graduated with honors for his various degrees and has immersed himself in his career to the point that he has been awarded with top honors in his profession as a realtor, which exhibits his strong work ethic. His experience working in the real estate industry will better prepare him to be a successful asset to your team. He regularly works with myself and staff and has demonstrated tremendous tenacity in the recovering real estate market, as well as the ability to interact socially in a professional manner. Thomas has worked on client service campaigns with our office, including outreach to distressed homeowners. He is an ambitious and dedicated man, who hopefully, will be given every consideration for the position of Regional Designated Broker for Equity Real Estate. Thomas Quigley is an asset to the public, the real estate community, and your company. I will continue to mentor Quigley throughout his time at your office.

Jose Munoz

As my real estate agent for five years, Thomas Quigley has never failed to impress me. Throughout the years Thomas has guided me in purchasing several properties. Thomas’ patience, tenacity, and flexibility to work with me have set him apart from every other real estate agent I have worked with in the past. Some of the qualities that make Tom excel as a real estate agent include his professional attitude as well as his ability to interact well with others. Tom’s remarkable work ethic has driven me to recommend him to other investors, all of whom were extremely satisfied with Tom’s work. Because of the many skills Tom has displayed throughout the past, I definitely recommend Tom Quigley.

Alicia Munoz

Dedicated, organized, and professional these are the three characteristics that describe Thomas Quigley the best. My father and I have been working with Tom over the course of five years now as my dad is an investor and I was a first time buyer last year. Tom helped me buy my first home, even though I was a first time buyer and I didn't know what to expect, but Tom very patiently explained everything to me, he answered all of my questions and reassured me everything was going to be OK. Thomas is really great at what he does and I do not hesitate about giving his number to all of my colleagues that need a realtor agent, I wouldn't change him for anyone else. Not just do I know he is going get this job, I am also confident that he will succeed every step of the way and over achieve at anything and everything he will be doing in the future. It is with great honor that I write this letter of recommendation for Thomas Quigley. Sincerely, Alicia Munoz

William Bouxsein

I have employed Tom Quigley as my real estate agent and adviser since 2002. During that time Tom has successfully closed seven (7) real estate transactions as my agent. These transactions have included both sales and purchases, including the purchase of a foreclosed home and two (2) short sales. Tom has proven that he always has my best interests in mind whether buying or selling and has always been honest and upfront with all parties involved in a deal. I have found Tom to be a tireless worker who will take whatever steps necessary to help close a transaction. Tom does a fantastic job of market research/analysis, and is knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate transactions. As I am sure you can attest, it is the rare real estate transaction that goes completely smoothly, no matter how completely both parties have prepared. I have had several transactions that I do not believe would have closed had Tom not been my agent. Due to the outstanding experiences I have had working with Tom on my transactions, I have had no qualms recommending Tom to everyone I know who has had a need for a real estate professional. Tom has since closed transactions, both sales and purchases, for friends of mine, as well as other members of my family. If I am involved in another real estate transaction in the future there is no one else I would hire as my agent other than Tom Quigley.

Robert E. Kieltyka

I came to know Tom Quigley through his reputation in the summer of 2007 when I became the Associate Principal of North Chicago Community High School. Tom was previously a reading teacher at Neal Middle School and he was well known for doing an outstanding job, so I wanted him as a teacher on my team. I competed with the principal of Neal Middle School for his services because he was one of the factors that I believed would be vitally important to the success of the school. The principal at Neal knew how valuable Tom was to the school, so he never did allow him to go to the high school and as a result, Neal experienced another good year on the Illinois School Achievement Test for reading. As the years went by, I came to know Tom as a friend. He is the type person that is driven to be a success and is willing to lend a hand as a team player for the good of the organization. Tom was both professionally competent as a teacher and driven to give his students the best educational experience possible. I volunteered to write this letter for Tom because I am eternally grateful for all of his contributions to North Chicago School District 187 and I feel blessed having the privilege of calling him a friend. I am confident that he will be a success in any venture that he undertakes. Please feel free to contact me at the above address if you have any questions about Tom’s past performance or his future potential. Respectfully, Robert Kieltyka

Andres I Gomez-Lopez & Stephanie Arroyo

Thomas Quigley has been our Realtor for about 3 years now. Since the first day, he has been on his feet helping us find our first home, every house we wanted to see he was always available and was able to open and show us the houses. He is very honest and straight forward with his opinions towards the houses we saw. He also helped us find our second house, it was quit a struggle finding our second home, but Thomas was quick on his feet and found us the perfect house, which we are under contract and ready to close soon. Thomas went above and beyond his job, he even helped us get all of our paper work all together for the house loan. Overall, Thomas Quigley isn't just our Realtor, he became a really good friend of ours!

Cela Valdez & David Nista

It is with great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Thomas Quigley. If you want a realtor that ignores your phone calls, feeds you bologna on why the inspector didn’t show up today, then Thomas is not your guy. We were very impressed with Thomas’ persistence and consistent reassurance on helping us find a home. During our home searching process, Thomas always stayed in communication, stayed on top of things, went above and beyond and portrayed an ovemll positive attitude. We thought he was just too good to be true! We were most astonished when the inspector couldn’t get into one of the crawl spaces and so Thomas knocked on the sellers’ door to ask and show him how to get in there. When the seller showed Thomas, he brought us to the house, along with the inspector and showed us how it was done! Bravo! Not only did Thomas get to show us on how to get into this small crawl space, but he also got the seller to show how the appliances work, where the manuals were and have a Q & A session with the sellers! When we had concerns, Thomas was like our guardian angel and made everything better. With Thomas’ humor and quirkiness, he made our home buying experience enjoyable and less stressful. Tom was always willing to go the extra mile. If he didn’t know or have an answer at that moment, he was honest about not knowing, but he would always get the answer for us, even if it meant knocking on the seller’s door and getting the answer himself! In closing, Dave and I would like to congratulate Thomas on his execution on opening Equity Real Estate Company! He has such great potential and an enormous amount of tenacity! We were so blessed to have stumbled upon his services. He made the home buying process easy and less stressful for us. We have no doubt in our minds that he will be a success in helping other families find the home of their wanting! In good health and wellness, Cela Valdez & David Nista

Dan & Nancy Anderson

My name is Dan Anderson, and I am writing to offer an enthusiastic reference for Mr. Tom Quigley. I have know Tom for over 15 years, which has given me ample opportunity to get to know him and discover that he is a man of character. My experiences with Tom fall into three broad categories: as a friend, working together in dramatic productions, and purchasing real estate. 0ver the years, each of these areas has revealed key characteristics that Tom possesses. As a friend, Tom is loyal and caring. When he asks how things are going, you can sense it is more than simply a greeting. He has genuine interest. As our family has gone through some of life’s normal challenges, he has been quick to offer encouragement and support. I count him a true friend. The second area of contact has been productions staged at the church we both attend—productions where I have been the writer/director. Tom has been involved in a number of these, and is not only talented, more significantly, he is always totally reliable and prepared. Needless to say, this is not something one typically finds in volunteer productions, and to me, speaks volumes about his character. In this context, I have also seen him as a very competent and respected leader, when at times he has taken on the role of director. In the third category of real estate, I’ve had to the chance to see Tom’s character revealed in a work environment. What I’ve experienced is that Tom is hard working. About 10 years ago, my wife and I decided to invest in rental properties. We turned to Tom, who first listened to our objectives, and then went to work finding options for us to consider. Since we were new to investment properties, we had many questions and moved deliberately, but admittedly, slowly. Tom patiently guided us through this new adventure. We never felt as though we had to push him to help us, rather, he was very proactive in our search, ultimately leading us to our first property. When we were ready to buy a second property, there was no doubt that Tom was the one we could rely on to help us again, which he did. Tom has a strong work ethic, a solid understanding of the real estate market, and the integrity to lead and manage people fairly and respectfully.