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For Sale By Owner


I know you think that “We’ll Save The Commission By Selling It Ourselves” 

It’s true…you could avoid the commission by selling it yourself…but are you aware that generally less than 10% of all For Sale By Owners actually sell on their own? 

Most will eventually….hire an agent…to actually…get the property sold. And what’s more alarming is that generally up to 50% of contracts of people selling the house themselves don’t even close. The reason being is that many of these buyers either are NOT qualified or…they don’t do what it takes to get financing because the simply don’t know what to do. And in today’s market…getting a loan is infinitely more difficult today than in the past. And then, after the deal falls apart, the sellers have already bought or rented their next house, and end up having to… list the house with a Realtor anyway…or they take less for it to make it sell fast…and avoid double mortgage payments…plus the extra cost and liability of having a vacant home.


Obviously, you don’t want that to happen, right? 

Would you prefer more risk…or less risk?


Here is what most For Sale By Owners that…hire me…discover. They make as much or more money by deciding to…let me handle it…And they also…avoid all the stress and hassle…and risk of costly “do-it-yourself” mistakes.


1. I give you dramatically better exposure

2. I expose your property to the best buyers

3. I generate better offers

4. I provide skilled 3rd party negotiating leverage

5. I get you more money for your property

6. I handle all the complex details of the transaction


And by now, you are probably beginning to realize that most buyers who shop For Sale By Owners are either…looking for owner- financing because they are not qualified…or they are bargain hunters wanting a steal since there is no commissions, right? Have you already seen that happening?


So….you end up wasting your time on unqualified buyers, or end up giving the commission to the buyer and you still have to do all the work all the risk and legal liability.

Here Are the Top Three Reasons That You Would Want To Hire Me

  • I Sell Every Listing…For Top Dollar
  • I Guarantee My Results
  • I Care What Is Important To You, My Goal Is To Help You Move On To The Next Chapter Of Your Lives.

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