Laura Rivera

LICENSE: 475.135252

(773) 750-4311


Arsemiris Galva-Batista

Certified Professional & Career Coach
Laura was referred to me by one of colleagues from work. Let’s just say I was impressed from day one. Laura’s professionalism and attention to details was a winner for both my husband and myself. Laura has made our house search worthwhile, as a women I have learned so much about what to look for when purchasing a home. I now know what asbestos looks like, when there has been water leakage in a home and when a roof is in good or bad condition. I have taken this experience from another approach, it has been educational, fun and exciting. My husband and I have been able to purchase a home that will not just be a place for us to live in, but an investment for the future. Thanks to Laura we have made a wise and sound decision for the long run. Key Questions: Will I use Laura for my next purchase? Yes definitely! Do I recommend Laura? I highly recommend Laura, I have already recommended her to family members, friends and coworker. Will you learn from this experience? Definitely Is Laura the real deal? Yes, Laura is in it for her clients and will not talk you into something you don’t feel comfortable doing. How knowledgeable is Laura? Laura was very knowledgeable in the type of home we wanted to purchase and the communities we were interested in investing. Overall we have made a great friend in the real estate business that we can honestly trust.

Blake Horwitz

President at The Blake Horwitz Law Firm
If Laura is your realtor, you are lucky. She will make sure that everything is taken care of and you will immediately notice there is no fluff. She will let you know what you are getting and how to secure the best deal. She is a vigorous advocate and extremely intelligent. Good broker's are hard to come by. Laura is unique.

Sam Perez

President & CEO at Silvercreek Finance Corp. | Principal at Copperhead Capital
I've been in the title insurance, real estate and finance industry since 1997. In that time I have literally met hundreds of real estate professionals in different parts of the country, from rookie agents to owners of national and international franchises. Laura is truly one of the top real estate broker's I've met and have the pleasure of working with. She truly puts the needs of her clients first, and is relentless at negotiating on their behalf. I'm very fortunate to work with Laura and highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase any type of real estate property in the Chicagoland area.