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Buy or Sell, Just Ring My Bell!  708.821.4670Helping you with your Real Estate goals is an honor and a privilege.

I'd love to be your REALTOR®.

For Real Estate done right, call me today at 708.821.4670.

I listen.



"People Make The Difference!"

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That was ABC7 Chicago's slogan when I worked at the station as an Anchor/Reporter.   
It's so true, especially in Real Estate and I have the experience and knowledge to make the entire process easier and better from day one to closing day.
I grew up in River Forest and graduated from Oak Park River Forest High School.
I graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia Journalism School.   
I'd love to be your REALTOR® and no one will work harder to bring you the results you're hoping for and deserve.
Thank you!
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