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Understanding the Intricacies of the Real Estate transaction.

Excellent service is not something that is claimed by a real estate broker, it must be proclaimed by that broker's clients. Things have most likely changed since you last bought or sold a home. As a buyer, you should expect quick, accurate and actionable information to help you make the best decision in what is most likely the largest purchase you may make in your life. Over 10 years of internet sales and over 30 years of real life real estate investment & renovation experience, as well as my teaching a class for first time home buyers on the campus of a local college, allow me to provide real life solutions as well as understanding the new information paradigm to help guide through the intricacies of the current real estate market. Knowing both the challenges and the upsides of purchasing foreclosures, short sales and traditional sales gives me the unique ability to provide you with the most current, actionable information that you can use to make the decisions needed to make the purchase that best suits YOUR needs. Helping you assemble the team of professionals you will use to buy or sell your home is critical in a successful home purchase.


Internet & Web experience

Things have most likely changed since you last bought or sold a home. Over 10 years of Internet marketing, web design and Internet sales have offered me a unique opportunity to understand the intricacies of how the Internet affects the sale of your home or business and the differences in how the transactions use the web to the benefit of the buyer and seller. Utilizing the newest technologies for constant communication to the potential buyers of your home, and understanding the intricacies of expertly marketing via the Internet will help provide conduits through the noise to bring your house to a targeted, motivated buyer. As a buyer, you can expect quick, accurate and MORE information to help you make the best decision in what is most likely the largest purchase you may make in your life


Experienced Short Sale Broker

The new realities of the current real estate market in relation to the short sale of your home or investment property demand experience, compassion and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the complicated transaction that is the short sale. Helping clients avoid foreclosure and guiding them through the confusing and ever changing landscape of today's market with constant and updated information important to the seller is one of the most important parts of a good short sale agent.

Real world Real estate investor

Your complex needs in the real estate investment arena are understood & backed up with real world investing experience. My experience with purchasing & selling repossessed properties will provide an extra layer of  information paramount in the area of risk avoidance. HUD & VA properties in my own investment portfolio Rentals along with Section 8, Rent Options,  Estate Sales and other areas of investment experience in my personal real estate investment opportunities provide unmatched problem solving abilities for your portfolio needs. I have actual experience in rehab's and many of the real life scenarios involved in a profitable experience for your portfolio. I will create a Home Finder web site to locate the right home and email you the latest pertinent information as it becomes available to the realty community and often before via my free Investor Update.

Quality Service Producer

Excellent service is not something that is proclaimed by the agent, but by that agent’s clients. My clients have allowed me to provide the service needed to become the  Quality Pinnacle service award winner.