Devienne Theriot

LICENSE: 0995693795

(985) 789-2454

About Me

Please let me introduce myself, I am Devienne Theriot a licensed Real Estate professional. I work for Home Smart Realty South at 137 Girod Street. in Mandeville, Louisiana and could not have found a better or more honorable company in which to work. 

My background goes as follows: Bachelors of Arts in Marketing from Southeastern Louisiana University and Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. I have worked as an Educator, School-to-Work Coordinator and state CTE Coordinator for close to twelve years. Additionally, I have had experience with Property Insurance and working for a Title Company handling Real Estate transactions. In following my true calling, I decided to go into Real Estate which I thoroughly enjoy.

As a Realtor specializing in Residential properties, I bring an abundance of energy, creativity, organization, dedication and personal knowledge to my work. You can be assured that I will stay on top of all of the details of the deal and provide a smooth and enjoyable Real Estate experience for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via my cell or office phone to discuss your Real Estate needs. I look forward to hearing from you.


Devienne Theriot - REALTOR®

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