Mina Hernandez

LICENSE: 0995690278

(504) 813-7271


I am a Native Louisianan and have been selling most of my life!  I started selling produce from my uncle's produce stand at the age of 8 years old.

 I continued to sell in many different markets including automotive fashion, tobacco and real estate.  Being one of the top 5 for regional sales in mostly male dominate international corporation was exciting.  Along the way I developed relationships with mentors of the trade and continue to maintain strong relations with each person.

The two things I love are helping people and bragging about this great city I live in!  My friends and visitors call me the "New Orleans Welcome Committee!" 

 As a realtor I have strong relationships and network with many different contacts in industries across Louisiana including banks and lending institutions to offer the best opportunities for clients.  Working with buyers, sellers, investors in both commercial and residential industries provides me a strong presence in the market.

I will make sure you are well informed before you decide and walk through the process by your side.

After fighting stage 4 cancer I make time for fun on my few days off by sharing time with friends, family and my dogs Sassy and Peanut.  I am the first woman Captain of the oldest Gay Mardi Gra Krewe in the world!  We build large costumes together and presents them at our annual ball.  Some of my costumes are on display in museums located in New Orleans!   


I work with animal rescues and children with AIDS charities by creating and assisting with fun raisers by rounding up donations through independent and corporate businesses.


I look forward to working with you on Your next journey of buying or selling your home! 

 "Personal Service .................Moving Results"

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