James Sullivan

LICENSE: RES.0041561

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Gerry S.

Fall River Schools
Mr. Sullivan is one of the most savvy real estate professionals I've met. His ability to work with others is paramount and his adeptness in putting together and negotiating a business transaction is paramount. Mr. Sullivan first got me into real estate years ago. I came into his office to rent an apartment and he explained to me how it might make more sense to buy a multi-unit property and let the tenants pay me while I live for free. I'm very thankful that he was patient and took the time to explain the process to me in a clear and concise manner that made sense. He continues to guide me with his wisdom today. I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan in whatever venture he decides to undertake in the future.

Joshua Silver

Elevation Coaching and Consulting LLC.
I had the pleasure of serving Dr. Sullivan in my work as a professional writer. This is a man who is hungry for success, and who possesses the dedication and persistence to get there. I have no doubt that Dr. Sullivan will continue to make great impact in the lives of his clients and his students.

Dr. Marie Bakari

Northcentral University
August 10, 2020 To whom it concerns: I welcome this opportunity to recommend James Sullivan for a teaching position at Northcentral University. James has extraordinary talents, and I feel he would make a considerable contribution to the school. I met James a little more than a year ago as I served as his mentoring professor for his dissertation project while completing his doctorate. His dissertation topic on data breaches and the integrity of personal information compromised in home mortgage files I found exciting, and it was my pleasure assisting James in narrowing his focus and arriving with the purpose behind the study. James was able to investigate the topic thoroughly, and his passion and experience in the mortgage industry and real estate made the dissertation an interesting read. While overseeing his dissertation project, James was always able to meet deadlines and maintain a dedicated schedule as the study matured. His dedication to the discourse, and steadfast approach and commitment to the research, he completed the project in a timely fashion. James has many attributes to offer, including the ability to focus, problem-solving, excellent communication skills, and above-average teamwork desire and ability to achieve relationships to reach common goals. It is my opinion that James exemplifies integrity and has an excellent moral belief system. James has outstanding potential, and I strongly recommend him hired in any teaching position at the university. Please contact me with any questions at [email protected] Sincerely, Dr. Marie Bakari

Man Tran

Atlantis Charter School
I have had the pleasure of working as a co-teacher with James for a year at Atlantis Charter School in Fall River, Massachusetts back in 2010. We worked well together as a team to teach the 7th grade math class. We have remained good friends since. James possesses a lot of strong skills that make him a great member of an education team. He is an invested learner, a committed teacher, and a collaborative partner. During his time at Atlantis Charter School, he has served his students, their families, and his school with dedication. He would always be the first teacher to be at school early to prepare for daily lesson plan and stayed after school late to help struggling students. James has also been a valued member of the education team. He can bring humor and joy to what is hard and difficult work, while still maintaining a very professional approach. He has been reliable and consistent while working and going to school full-time. He has worked well with a wide variety of staff and other constituents to get work done. I wholeheartedly recommend James for any teaching position working with students and as a member of a team. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Shawnna Hampton

Varsity Tutors
Hi James, Way to go! You just received some positive feedback. Star rating: ***** Additional Comment: Mr Sullivan was attentive, courteous and patient with Rigel and myself. He gave great suggestions to make the next session fruitful. We'll definitely be using him again. Now trying to come up with a scheduled day. Sincerely, Shawnna Hampton