Sandra McCarty

LICENSE: 10401298086

(516) 300-2427



I am a results driven Real Estate Professional working with Homesmart Crossisland Broker having over 25 years of experience.  

Selling or buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make; I am dedicated to taking you through this complex process, making sure it is hassle free and get you the best possible deal. You are my priority.

My Promise To You
Home Selling: To Find the right home of you in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible price - During our home buyer's consultation I will discover exactly what your requirements are; the style of house, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, finished basement or a very large backyardand what towns you wish to live in.

Most important is your budget; how much you are prepared to spend each month on mortgage, insurance and taxes. Once we determine those key things I will search through thousands of listings to find the right home for you. My job is to make the homebuying process easy and without any hassle. I will be there every step of the way.

Home Selling: To sell your house in the shortest possible time for the most possble money - I will get your home on the market in no time and get exposure to thousands of potential buyers. I will sell your home for top value and save time.

Provide Accurate Home Value - Home valuation done online can often be inaccurate by up to 30%. Let me analyze your situation and determine the most accurate value of your home.

Save You Time - I can complete a needs analysis and create a plan to find you the home you want in as little time as possible.

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