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How's The Market?

Posted On: February 3rd, 2023 5:18PM

How's The Market ?


That's probably the most asked question I'm hearing lately. I want to take a minute and give you my take....

 There are literally thousands of real estate "markets" in the United States, some are not doing so well - experiencing price cuts, longer days on the market and like everywhere else - higher interest rates on loans.

 "OUR MARKET" in ENC - locally known as the Crystal Coast or "the beach" - is still in demand. Homes under $300K have sold within days, many homes under $400K sell in weeks and the Emerald Isle market seems to rolling, too!

 This is due in part to the desire of many interior North Carolinians wanting a coastal town "staycation" or beach home, the retirees moving here and - the constant ebb and flow of military personnel who make the area home while stationed here.

 I don't have a crystal ball nor do I ever claim to predict the future - however - I can say that TODAY, ENC is still growing and will continue to do so into the near future.

 I say that based on the numbers of people contacting me from out of the area and the businesses moving here.

 We're blessed to live here and others know it! If you have questions or would like to discuss selling or buying a coastal home - contact me!

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