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Seller's Market

Posted On: December 26th, 2017 8:55PM

Nationally we are in a "seller's market."  Generally we are also in a "seller's market" locally!


How can we tell?  We look at the number of currently active home listings and compare that with the number of listings that sold in the past 6 months. 


If the list of active listings is smaller, then we are in a "seller's market."  It is good for a seller in that there will be more buyers competing to buy their home.


If the list of active listings is longer than the list of solds for the past 6 monthes, then we would be in a "buyer's market," where buyers have many choices of homes to choose from.


If the number of active listings and sold listing are the same, we are in a "balanced market."


Determining seller's or buyer's market is part of the analysis done prior to listing a home.  I will research the market for you and we will discuss it prior to setting a list price for your home and planning a marketing strategy.

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