Cheryl Repko

LICENSE: BRK.0000327629

(440) 935-1184

Service Pledge to Buyers



To assist you in obtaining the best home for your money with the least amount of time and inconvenience to you. My plan includes: 

1.  Assisting you in becoming “pre-approved” for home financing (if you are not already pre-approved). The goal is for you to have the best possible lender and financing package for your situation.  My company and I are not affiliated with any particular lender, so I will not limit your choices.  I will cooperate with your lender through the pre-approval and financing process. 

2.  Helping you search for homes for sale by providing an auto-email of all new listings with your desired features, sent to you  directly from the Multiple Listing Service database that agents use. Since it is the database that all other sites (, Zillow, etc.) get their information from you will have the earliest notification, very important in a busy market. 

3.  Making appointments for you to see homes of your choice at your convenience and accompanying you to the homes to help you evaluate each home and its value. 

4.  Assisting you in being prepared to purchase a home by marketing your present home if necessary, helping you to coordinate your sale and purchase. 

5. Making you aware of possible inspections that you may choose to conduct on the home you choose and home warranty programs that may benefit you. 

6.  Assisting you in preparing an offer on the home of your choice, making sure that the required paperwork is completed and putting your offer in a format that will make it most likely to be accepted by the seller. 

7.  Presenting your offer to the seller or listing agent in its most favorable light, attempting to have your offer accepted “as is,” but at the least obtaining a counter offer for you to consider. 

8.  Advising you about dealing with counter offers from the seller and helping you with counter offers of your own if necessary. 

9.  Communicating with you frequently before and after your offer has been accepted and to assist you all the way through the home buying process. 

10.  Communicating with title companies, lenders, listing agents, and with you to help the transaction along to its conclusion. 

11.  Helping coordinate the transfer of utilities and your receipt of keys to your home..

12.  Following up with you after you move in.
13.  Note:  You do not have to pay a real estate fee! Neither my company nor I will charge you any “transaction fee,” or real estate fee of any sort.  As long as we follow our guidelines for working together, I will be paid through the transaction when title transfers, even though I represent you!