Kimberly Hosmer

DRE No: 201109093

(503) 704-3031

About Me

Meet Kimberly Hosmer. Kimberly started out her life in Hillsboro, Oregon and then made her way down to Oregon State University, where she studied History. After college is where life got interesting. She ran away with the Ginger Circus to become a trapeze artist, after a few years of this endeavor she grew wary of the road, so decided to become a deep sea diver. Upon learning that she would indeed have to learn to swim and coming to the conclusion that she suffered from an extreme case of wetsuit-phobia, she decided that Real Estate was her calling. Through her life experiences she learned that the best way to approach a Real Estate transaction was to really focus on the client, their needs, and make the process as fun as possible. Real estate transactions can be an adventure and Kimberly looks forward to being an entertaining guide.

*Some aspects of this bio may or may not be fictional.