Phil Hyre

LICENSE: 201202147

(503) 586-8537


A California native, Phil grew up in Willits, CA with Deaf parents. At the age of 17, Phil Joined the CA Army National Guard and spent his summer at Fort Leonard Wood MO for Army Boot Camp. He served in the ARNG for 10 years. At age 19, Phil began a career hauling freight until the terminal he worked for closed their doors. Phil then landed a job for the City of Ukiah Landfill which lasted 6 months before he transferred to the Electrical Line Department. There Phil started as a ground man, became an apprentice, and then journeyed out as Journeyman Lineman. In 2007 Phil left the Lineman trade to open Phil4Hyre Home Repair. He moved his family to Salem in 2009, and that same year he and his wife Tara opened an Antique Mall in Independence, OR. In 2012, he became a licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker. While with HomeSmart Realty Group, he has worked with many buyers and sellers through the years with a special niche in new construction. Phil’s diverse life experiences have helped him to become a successful real estate professional.

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