Timothy Hill

LICENSE: 930600005

(503) 507-0986


Aquired my Oregon Real Estate license in 1994

Been directly involved in numerous real estate transactions over the years which has given me the opportunity   to meet some fantastic buyers and sellers whom I still work with today.

I'm very well connected in the real estate community with lenders, title companies, and contractors. These people play a vital part in all real estate transactions.

I understand what it takes from begining to end to get a transaction to the closing table.

I will do my best to educate my buyers and sellers on what takes place prior to and during a transaction so they're won't be any surprises along the way.

I'm the guy that will be there until the job is done and earn your trust along the way so you'll be more than happy to refer me to your friends and relatives for their real estate needs.

I work with the best real estate company in the state that will support me to become the best I can be at my profession.