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At the age of 11 years old I moved to the precious State of Oregon! I became interested in real

estate around 12 years old. I grew up in a family that have a passion for construction.

For the past eight years we have owned a drywall business and have had the pleasure

of helping many Oregon families with their drywall needs. At the age of 18 after

graduating from South Salem High School.I knew I wanted to do something with homes

but I didnt know quite what. So, we started our family drywall business and have had

the pleasure of helping many Oregon Families with their drywall needs. Thank

god we had the knowledge and experience inherited by my father, who has been in

the construciton industry for the past 25 years. At the age of 22 I bought my first

property and started my own construction business called Excellence Homes,INC.

I Ended up demolishing the existing structure as it was really old and was under

construction before I bought it. I ended up building three homes on the same lot as I

did a partition on the land. Two years after I bought a second property, it was a five lot

with old homes on it and no value on the structure so i ended up demolishing all the

structures as it was a commercial zone land. This story is still under construction since

this happened a year ago and the land is for sale. I might end up building five beautiful

homes.I want other families to smile, feel and be proud of themselves like I was.  I plan to help

families achive there goals with buying/selling there homes and I wont quit until I see my

customers satisfied and living in their dream homes. Let me help you with your home goals

& add you to my list of satisfied customers.

Thanks for visiting.Smile

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Sergio Arredondo (971)273-3829