Angie Franco

LICENSE: 201210237

(971) 240-3818


"Building Friendships, One Home at a Time!"

 This is what it's all about for me!

 I enjoy the human aspect of my career and I have been told that it shows.

 I am blessed to be working with wonderful people every day!

 My belief is that every client is unique, and every transaction is important.

 I endeavor to treat the people and transactions I work with along the way, like I would like to be treated: with respect and like you matter, like I care: because you do, and I do.

 I will return your calls, texts and emails in a timely manner.

 Thank you for the trust you gift me with referrals to the people you care about, as well as the privilege of working with and for you.


 It matters, life is good.

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