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The Story Behind My Purple Shoes

What's the deal with these Purple Shoes?

It all started when I was a Second Grader in Anchorage, Alaska. There was an essay contest and the assigned title was: 

If I Were A Pair of Purple Tennis Shoes...

It was an interesting concept, and purple was my favorite color. As a born and budding writer, I was excited by the challenge. I remember clearly my process in writing that essay, even though it's been nearly fifty years ago. I sat in my desk and squeezed my eyes shut tightly, and clenched my little hands, and began imagining I was a pair of Purple Tennis Shoes... I focused intently about what I'd want, how I'd feel, and how I'd like to be treated. That essay hasn't survived, but my memory of writing the line, "I would not want someone running me through a mud puddle!" has stuck with me to this day, as well as the great feeling when I found out I'd won the contest!


Early on, I had this natural ability to see things for another's perspective, to intuit what they might need, and empathize with what they might feel, and take action to offer support and solutions. This has followed me throughout my life.

I'm not writing much about the challenges and joys of being Purple Tennis Shoes these days, but I'm constantly putting myself into my client's shoes as I go about assisting and serving them as a REALTOR® through the challenges and joys of meeting their real estate goals.

And I know one of them is NOT running them through a mud puddle!


I truly put my best foot forward for you each day, and serve you, not just from the bottom of my heart, but from the bottom of the soles of my Purple Shoes.

Purple Shoes