Julienne Ritter

LICENSE: 201203740

(503) 910-0753
(971) 599-5865 (Office)


Buying a home, probably one of the most expensive investments many of us will ever have. It is exhilarating and scary at the same time.  I want to make this transition as stress free as possible while educating my clients on the home purchasing process.  Our lives are too hectic to be a master in all trades. I specialize in single and multi-family residential properties from Dallas, Oregon to Gates  and Woodburn, Oregon to Albany.


Ask me about the market and I will ask you what area are you interested in?  Many of us hear the National news on real estate but our local market is sometimes vastly different.  Looking at the large picture is good, narrowing it down to your needs is so much better. Let me help you.


Every transaction has bumps along the road. I feel my job is to try and anticipate those bumps for my clients and steer the transction around them.  That is why I work close with the other real estate agent, lender and escrow agent to creat openness, transparency and communication on all sides of the transaction.   Julienne your Real Estate agent

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