Barbara Hahn

DRE No: 200709018

(503) 781-5107

About Me


I have lived in the Portland Metro area for 36 years on both sides of the river. I have enjoyed many of Portland's neighborhoods and have ended up with a great knowledge of different demographics. I am a grandmother and being with my grandchildren is one of my greatest joys. My husband, Al, and I have had 41 years of marriage and we're still going strong.  


I am a licensed Real Estate Broker and have been in the market at two different times, once in the early 80's when interest rates were double digit and again returning just about the time the market crashed. I've survived hard times and I'm not leaving now.  I am definitely a relationship person and this aspect is what I enjoy the most about real estate. If you read my testimonials, they would support this. I am also a good listener and communicator. You can call, email or text me. You never have to wait long for me to get back to you if I'm not available when you try to contact me. I am never in a hurry in helping buyers find the right home. It's a process of elimination and I think it is necessary to view as many properties as it takes to achieve this. I have become friends with several of my clients. But, I also realize not everyone wants a relationship, they want to do the transaction and move on. I am very adept at understanding where people are and the different personality styles.



Call me and we can discuss finding a house to go with it.