Barbara Hahn

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Barbara Nash

Happy Homeowner
My experiences with Barbara Hahn as my real estate agent were nothing less than eye opening and profound. I wanted to buy a home that I had in my minds eye for a very distinct price that other agents said was not possible. I was referred from agent to agent as no one Wanted to take me on. Barbara became our agent and worked tirelessly with us for a solid year, often on a daily basis until she found me my dream home for a price I could afford. Even during the offer process she used her talent and influence to make our offer more appealing than the others.I can easily recommend Barb as a wonderful real estate agent that will be professional, charming, humorous, and attentive in even the most stressful of times.

Scott Dickinson

Pleased Buyer
Barbara was my real estate buying agent /broker for a house I purchased in the summer of 2010. I do not normally write these types of letters (and certainly not for any real estate agents that I have used in the past), but in this case I feel compelled to do so. Barbara did a lot in the real estate process for me as a home buyer. Also as important for me, Barbara also did not do a lot of annoying things that other realtors have done in the past. For these reasons I would recommend her as a listing agent to anyone that is looking to list or buy real property. In particular, Barbara was professional and courteous, as well as timely and professional in all manners of my real estate business with her as my agent and broker.

Kelsey & Harrison Bishop

First Time Buyers
My husband and I had a wonderful experience buying our home with Barbara Hahn. I can not imagine purchasing or selling a home with out her in the future. We were first time home buyers, nervous, untrusting and not knowing what to expect. She walked us through each step along the way and explained everything to make sure everything went smooth and as planned. Barbara is professional, kind, caring and a talented business woman with awesome people skills. She treats her clients like they are dear members of her own family and friends, and only wants exactly what will make her clients completely satisfied. The only bummer is that I don’t get to talk and see Barb as often. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Barbara and we feel very lucky to have met her!

Reba & Dillon Dunningham

New Build
My husband and I are first time home buyers. We made the decision to use a local builder, and we met our real estate agent, Barbara Hahn, at the model home for the builder. Knowing that we were unfamiliar with the buying and building process, Barbara was very patient and helpful! She was there every step of the way to answer questions and to offer input. Barbara was always available when we needed her support and expertise. When things did not go as expected with the build, she was there as our advocate to ensure things got done correctly. We really appreciate all Barbara has done for us and would recommend her to any future home buyer.

Tom & Chris Gooch

Became Friends
We are writing to express our satisfaction and gratitude to Barbara Hahn, who represented us in our recent purchase of our home in Happy Valley, Oregon. We met Barbara, by chance, at a new construction (model home) open house. At that time we were renting a house, looking for an opportunity to buy a home. From day one (literally hour one), she was highly attentive to our requests for information and details. We had a question about buying the lot adjacent to the model home to preserve the views. Barbara got the information within hours of meeting us and was able to provide a reduced price for the lot after making calls on a Sunday afternoon on our behalf. This was our 3rd home purchase, enabling us to compare Barbara to the other realtor’s we have worked with. She was personally invested in our long term satisfaction. We never felt pressure to make a hurried decision. Barbara was always available on our schedule and was very patient with return visits to properties and questions we had for the sellers. She facilitated objective discussions about the pros and cons of each listing we viewed together. Once we decided on a house to buy, Barbara managed the critical details of the purchase with a high level of expertise. There was a relocation company involved on the seller’s side adding additional steps to all of the final negotiations. In addition to the standard pricing and closing process, there were minor inspection issues requiring negotiation and settlement as well as a transaction we requested to buy some of the furnishings from the seller. Barbara expeditiously facilitated these negotiations and personally met suppliers at the house (sewer scope, and carpet installer), reporting progress, next steps and completion insuring an on-­?time closing. We would highly recommend Barbara to our friends, family, or co-­?workers.

Leslie & Dennis Lukesh

Nice Farm
For the past few years my spouse and I have been looking into buying a new home. As we were not sure what we wanted in a new house we decided to look online for some help from a real estate agent. We typed in our info and in less than 10 minutes Barbara called us. We were not sure what to do as we were first time home buyers and hadn’t a clue in what we were getting ourselves into. Barbara assured us, though, that we were in good hands. She told us that she loves to work with first time home buyers. She helped us get in touch with a lender so that we could get pre-approved, and went through all the ups and down of finding houses. We had put in an offer on one that the inspection went bad (the roof needed to be replaced), so we were pretty upset but Barbara was right there to encourage us that something better is out there.We finally located a home we fell in love with, that met all of our needs, wants, and more. It was a short sale, so it took a lot of patience. but Barbara was in contact with us just about every day, whether it be e-mail, a call or by text message. I was so impressed with her communication skills she’s had with us. As you know, buying a home can be a very happy but stressful time in your life. Barbara made this all the much easier and exciting experience for us. Any question I had, no matter how little it was, she would answer me right away and, if she didn’t know the answer she would find it out. We always felt like her first priority.In the end we got the house of our dreams, and had a very pleasant experience with Barbara as she never quit on us once. We have recommended her to all of our friends. Barbara is not just a real estate agent, she is a friend and someone you will want to invite to your wedding. LOL We love her, and now that we own our home, we miss talking to her every day.

Carol Kaster

New Build
In the spring of 2011, I asked Barbara Hahn to help me find a home. I had always lived in beautiful areas, and changes in my life had made it necessary for me to find a smaller house in a not-so-upscale neighborhood. One of Barbara’s strengths is being a good listener. She understood that I wanted a small place in a reasonably nice area, with at least some of the custom finishes I like, and it would have to be compatible with my limited budget. She is good at thinking outside the box and brought me lots of new ideas. After a lot of looking and a couple disappointments, we found an area of town homes that I liked. Construction had not started on the unit I wanted, and Barbara knew exactly how to handle all the upgrades and other aspects of a somewhat complicated contract. The builder changed the closing date five times, which created a lot of problems for me, and Barbara took care of everything. I moved in November, and it was exactly six months from moving in until construction was complete. There were issues during that time that had me considering legal action, and Barbara was my advocate every step of the way. Besides her persistence and professional knowledge, she provided much-needed therapy and moral support. I don’t know what I would have done without her.Barbara is knowledgeable, well organized and always prompt; working with her was a delight. She is easily accessible, and she quickly follows through with any written or verbal commitments she makes. I am happy in my new home so may not need her professional help again myself, but I would definitely recommend her to my friends without hesitation.

Marci Voss

First Time Buyer
I met Barbara Hahn through an Intertek inquiry. We hit it off right off the bat. She only showed me listings that were within the price range and location that I requested. She gave me her honest opinion of the properties we looked at which was very refreshing.Barbara helped me throughout the process, this being my first house. I would recommend her to anyone.

Lesia Laugavitz

I have known Barbara for almost three years now as my real estate agent.When we first moved to Sandy, we drove around town looking for someone who could represent us in helping us find what we were looking for. Somehow we were lead to where Barbara worked and when we told her we were new to the area, knew no one and had no idea where to start, she jumped right to attention for us.We looked at housing several times within the three year span and backed out many times. However, each time we decided to check out a new place Barbara was right there for us.When we finally did decide on the place we wanted, we had a very difficult seller to deal with. Barbara was there for us each step of the way. On a few occasions when we were thinking of just bailing out, she went to bat for us. Her professionalism, patience and diligence are outstanding. We were very thankful to have her as our realtor and would not recommend anyone else BUT her for real estate needs. She is still a part of our life even after the sale and I consider her a friend.

Lynn Aalen

We are writing to tell you how much we appreciated your assistance and support in moving through to completion our recent purchase of a home. It was, as you well know, a particularly stressful venture with some unexpected problems and a great deal riding on its closure by December 30, 2010 (only later did we find out title was transferred only three minutes before deadline!)Through out the search, bid, and sale process you were always available and immediately responsive to telephone calls (not so for all agents we discovered). You worked diligently to obtain a full, accurate picture of what we needed and wanted in a house and property and freely gave your time looking at possibilities. You shared with us what you saw as points of interest and potential problems, which we might othenivise have overlooked. The loan agent you connected us with was thorough and excellent. You answered our questions thoughtfully and kept us updated in a timely manner. Lastly, you have a comfortable presence and sense of humor, which made the process easier than it might have been with another.On behalf of Rehanna, Ryan, and myself, thank you so much for everything.

Lindy & Mike Hanley

A big Spider!
In early 2010, my husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Hahn. After discovering a spider on my toothbrush, I’d decided it was time to move. I cold-called the agency she was with and had a long conversation with a woman I knew I would get along with well. We had previously found the experience of working with an agent disappointing. Our experience with Barbara was anything but.She was incredibly professional. My husband works long hours so the finding our new home was my responsibility. As I was obviously nervous, she made me feel confident, almost empowered in making decisions. It was clear from the beginning that it wasn’t the sale that was important to her, but that her clients are overjoyed with their new homes.Barbara is abundantly generous with her time. I don’t know how many hours or how many houses we saw, but time with her absolutely flew. She was very patient when I had to stop and feed my baby, or change a diaper and I always looked forward to spending time with her. When we got serious about buying, Barbara offered to accompany us to our Saturday appointment with the lender, as she recognized an opportunity to get to know my busy husband. Even after a long meeting she was happy to show him the site for the home I was considering AS WELL AS those that were out of the running. We were so grateful for her consideration.Barbara became my confidant. After our offer was accepted (she interrupted her husband’s birthday party to write up and send it in) Barbara was the voice of reason to my panic. She was the witness to more than one complete meltdown. Each time her considerable knowledge helped calm my unsubstantiated fears. When my fears were substantiated, she staunchly defended me to my builder. She helped me find the courage to insist that promises made were promises kept. It was to our benefit that she was so vigilant with our lender and the builder, as our house was finished beautifully and on time!Barbara has become a close friend to our family. Throughout our home buying experience, she was there to laugh during the good times and cry with us during the scary. We had some loan difficulties and were VERY close to losing the house. Although there was nothing she could do professionally, we were able to lean on her personally to keep our heads up and to stay positive. We are so grateful for her encouraging attitude and are sure that without her we would not have been able to celebrate the purchase of our beautiful new home. (She even remembered the fight I had with my husband over the necessity of a built-in microwave and bought him one for our pantry as a house warming gift!)Barbara Hahn’s professionalism, knowledge, patience and consideration are unmatched and her positive attitude is contagious. We are very lucky to have worked with her and would recommend her in a second. We are even luckier to have a continuing relationship with her.

Matt & Joy Gibson

A very long new build!
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Barbara Hahn. As first time home buyers, my husband and I worked very closely with Barb in 2012 (for eight months) while our home was being constructed. She represented us during the entire construction process and with the closing of the sale. She not only handled the real estate aspect of our purchase; she helped us communicate with the builder, sub-contractors and our mortgage broker. Because our home was new construction, there were many changes and several unexpected delays. This was often stressful for us as first time buyers, but Barb always knew how to put us at ease. She has incredible attention to detail and she was extremely kind and personable throughout the entire process. We felt that her loyalty to us as buyers was one of the reasons that our purchase was so successful. I am happy to express my complete satisfaction with Barbara Hahn as a Realtor. Her efforts exceeded my expectations. We often recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor.