Rob Adams


(860) 481-9962


What started out as a master-plan of a 12 y/o kid trying to make enough money delivering newspapers to go to Canobie Lake park in Salem NH one weekend. Has turned into a lifelong dream of entrepreneurship which lead me to this extremely rewarding career of real estate!


Real estate transactions take time and effort for sure, but the hugely rewarding part of that is seeing the smiles of new families settling into their first homes. Or couples looking to expand their living arrangements as their family begins to expand. And homeowners looking to take that next step in starting with a fresh new start of life. The smiles, thanks and hugs makes this profession truly fulfilling, and what keeps me going everyday! Every person has their own stories and chapters of life they're going through, and it's an honor to help each and every one of you onto your next chapter!


Sadly, that Canobie Lake park trip was rained out which you clearly could imagine the devastation lol. But I walked away with an unnoticed new found determination which I realized years later. I know buying or selling property can be one of the biggest transaction in people's lives, and shouldn't be taken lightly. I am proud to assist my clients in navigating the process, and in the end we are all rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment and contentment!